My name is Ed Kressy. I’m probably the only person once arrested by the FBI, then recognized with a community service award by the director of the FBI!

When you read my book and hear my story, you’ll be inspired at the power of Second Chances to benefit givers as much as receivers (if not more so).



I had a career with Genentech, named the “Number One Best Company in America to Work For” by Fortune magazine. I owned a home in San Francisco.

Yet I ended up spending months in jail, nights in homeless shelters, and years in destitution.

After I got clean in 2007, amazing people inspired me to pursue a path of community service. I volunteer for nonprofits that deliver entrepreneur training to currently and formerly incarcerated men and women. I volunteer for law enforcement, helping them better serve communities affected by incarceration and addiction.

I achieved my lifelong dream of being a writer: My work appears in The Washington PostVox, and the San Francisco ChronicleI delivered talks for MIT, Cisco, Google, LinkedIn, and others. 

My audiences get hope that transformation is possible in their own lives, and the lives of those they love.


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