Ed Kressy may be the only person once arrested by the FBI, then recognized with a community service award from the director of the FBI. 

His story proves: Despite the most hopeless-seeming circumstances, redemption is possible. Second chances benefit givers as much as receivers (if not more). It’s possible to unify even the most polarized groups, such as cops and communities affected by incarceration/addiction.

During 11 devastating years of meth addiction, Ed threw away his life savings, biotech career, home…even his beloved dog. He sunk into meth psychosis, hearing disembodied voices and believing vast FBI conspiracies targeted him because he’d inadvertently befriended a 9/11 hijacker.

After getting clean in 2007, amazing people inspired him to pursue a path of spirituality, self-improvement, and service.

He volunteers for nonprofits that deliver entrepreneur training to currently and formerly incarcerated men and women. 

He pursued his lifelong dream of being a writer, using his story as a way to help others. His work appears in The Washington PostVox, and the San Francisco Chronicle

He has delivered talks for MIT, Cisco, Google, LinkedIn, and others.


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