Statistics from the CDC inform us: between 1999 and 2018, America lost 750,000 human beings to drug overdoses

The 750,000 doesn’t count suicides, deaths from accidents/illnesses, long-term incarcerations, homelessness, other fates…

Fates which, when they befall addicted persons, hinder/prevent us from fully serving those around us

Who do you know, who might be counted as a statistic?

Maybe even say the person’s name aloud, softly, to yourself…so it’s like she or he is right there with you

Where do you know the person from: school, work, family?

How does their laughter sound, compassion manifest, attitude put at ease?

What are they like at their best…how do they light up faces with smiles, illuminate minds with ideas, fire imaginations with possibilities?

Consider: where is that person right now?

If no longer with us in the flesh, where in spirit?

Are they with you in your heart?

Now, shift gears and think about yourself…

Are you yourself a statistic?

Are you addicted to watching the television news, engaging in social media, drinking alcohol, thinking the same negative thoughts, having the same arguments?

If so…how is your addiction preventing you from fully serving those around you?

Who/what do you spend days away from…physically, or away in your mind?

Why not start fully freeing yourself from your addiction today?

If you need inspiration, think again of the person you know, who may be counted as a statistic

Who may be with you in your heart

On behalf of her or him, become in further service to those around you…through your acts, words, and/or presence

You may reduce the future 750,000 by one…

…or by a lot more